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On Meet The Artist, we want you to get to know the players on our label a bit better, so we ask them five questions-- some about music, some not, and get them to tell us a little more about themselves, their tunes, and what goes on inside those creative brains.


Whats the overarching theme of your music? Or, in particular, the theme of this upcoming/current/latest release?

I’ve always tried to make electronic music organic. Be that through textures, my vocals or even the architecture of a particular synthesizer, I feel that having an organic feel is very important in all music. Knowing that someone who had a vision, an idea or a story to share that was expressed through a typically robotic, unsympathetic medium such as a synthesizer is something I am very excited about. A lot of my new album is sequenced, however just as much of it was played in live. I did that simply by listening to the music on a loop, developing a sound and sitting down and just playing. That’s what I love to do. Play. So I think this record is about people getting to know me on an intensely personal level, where at the same time inviting people into my space. It’s almost like saying, hey! Come and check out who I am! Hope you can stay a while! 

How do you prepare to start making or working on music? Do you wait for inspiration to hit or do you tinker around until something strikes your fancy?

Usually inspiration hits me square in the forehead, and it takes me a while to come around and do something with it. I have videos all over my phone of me humming melodies walking down the street. And I go back after as long as a year and go.... wow that was good. WhT can I do with it? And then I wait for a situation in my life, or someone else’s that fits that melody. For instance with canal, i had the story tucked deep in my memory, and then I wrote the track and within a out an hour i thought, this is fantastic. This melody suits this story so well. And so that’s how I do it. I connect real life with the fantasy of being able to manipulate the story with music. It’s like a wedding! Story meets music, they get married, and it ends up on a record! 

If your overall sound was weather, what type of weather do you think would describe it best?

I love questions like this as it makes me examine my personality rather than my music. So it’s a sort of litmus test whether or not my personality is released in my music. I could be cliched and say a thunderstorm or something, but I think this new record in particular reminds me of spring in Canada. It’s all over the place! It’s snowing, raining, windy, warm, cold, etc. This music is up and down, and all over the place, and as such my vocals have had to do the same. It’s been a challenge to get through! Just like our current spring!

Describe your workspace.

Tight. Dealing with analogue equipment I tend to constantly be no more than a foot away from something. However I like it. It’s like a warm hug from people you have had relationships with for 20 years. I bought my first synth in 1985 and I still own it. So I know it inside out, i know what i expect from it, and what it can expect from me. It’s a very intensely personal connection. it’s also sort of like having a younger me shadowing what I’m doing. I was 10 in 1985 so I can almost hear 10 year old me talking and chattering over a programming session. It’s very grounding, and it’s something I cherish the most about my workspace. It’s also rather messy.

If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be?

Maybe not so much a piece of furniture but a Perfection Kerosene Heater. Bear with me on this one... I’ve always been rather obsessed with Victorian history, and this heater saved people. It was cheap, used a cheap fuel and kept people warm in times where if you didn’t have a fireplace, you froze. I love helping people as much as I can, but I am also reliable, and efficient so I feel that the Perfection is a great example of who I am personality wise. Although, never put anything meltable on top of one (Lesson learned!).