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This is our current roster of Biblioteka Records artists.


Golden Grey

It began as a hobby and blossomed into a passion, the artist known as Golden Grey became captivated by electronic music. He familiarized himself with synthesizers, drum machines and sample pads, eventually finding a sound to call his own. Now, Golden Grey has the unique ability to paint a picture in the most musical sense. You'll be entranced by the exuberant sounds that seem to be coming through every direction of your speakers. It's a cinematic electronic journey from beginning to end.





Hailing from Maryland, McChaffee is a soundtrack composer who frequently works on indie games or total game modification overhauls. Most of his work consists of orchestra and electronic-based sounds, but occasionally his production might include rock. You'll never really know what to expect with his work.

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How the night came

"start transmission >>

how the night came:

instrumental music from Japan


aaron turner (house of low culture)

akira yamaoka (silent hill ii)

ennio morricone (film scores)

vangelis (blade runner OST)

>> end transmission"


Philadelphia-based producer and bassist Carter Fox continues to expand and combine cosmological, musical, and philosophical knowledge and intrigue in his new work Epoch (out Summer 2018 via Biblioteka Records) led by the first single, 'Welcome to the Universe,' to be released May 18th. Following up his mindful EP Soulful Traveler (2016, Climax Entertainment) and the auditory-epic-poem Existential (2014, Mad Dragon Music Group), Fox evokes a chill, ambient exploration of soundscape as the listener goes on a "a journey through the cosmos" (Carl Sagan), and uses his signature groove and production to keep the listener in an atmosphere of creativity and growth.

In addition to his solo explorations, he is currently a member of the ‘alternative-Motown’ outfit JUTAUN, touring bassist with R&B legend Freddie Jackson, and an avid music producer, composer, and studio musician. He is endorsed by Aguilar Amplification and Moody Leather Guitar Straps.  


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Corleone & Dream is a project between Mo Corleone, an Oakland-based producer & DJ, and Beau Dream, a trans violinist. Together, they have released one single project on Biblioteka Records: Two psychedelic tracks, each layered with exciting live violin.

The Wonderlust

The Wonderlust are a genre-bending electronic duo consisting of DJ/producer Mo Corleone and guitarist/graphic artist David Shakiban. Both performers have deep roots in the bay area of California, with Shak having performed countless shows as a jam guitarist and Mo showing up as a staple in the underground dance community as a DJ and event organizer for well over a decade. The Wonderlust is the product of two passionately creative spirits who refuse to stay between the lines. Highly textured, beat-driven downtempo meets improvisational electric guitar for an unlikely and wholly irresistible marriage of styles. The hybrid nature of the sound makes it difficult to categorize but mesmerizing to experience.



3Hands4Milo is the project of Alex Parker. Hailing from Niagara, the project uses the landscape and history of the region, throwing into the spotlight the idea of our past and present. Utilizing a variety of hardware synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and sequences, combined with a much more modern production style, the project aims to bring people a different retro style of music with a decidedly 2018 touch. Drawing influence from nature, history, and personal timelines, in addition to 80s music, goth, synthpop, and even shoegaze, the project hopes to be a continually evolving apparition, bringing in other artists and musicians for a likeminded hive of talent.

While the music is completely electronic, the influence of natural sounds and instruments shines through within the project while being recreated using classic analogue and early digital synthesizers. 

The overall hope is that 3Hands4Milo can reach people that enjoy music they can relate to and that tells a story in an evocative, electronic setting.


HF5 came to be as a passion project by Rob Stuart. Based in Burlington, Ontario, HF5’s industrial-rock/electronica sound takes inspiration from the music coming in the Greater Toronto Area. From traditional to electronic, from analogue to digital percussions, HF5 is a sonic smorgasbord that’s reminiscent of the diverse musical pool that Canada offers. HF5 hopes to return the favour by writing songs that reflect the ever-changing landscape of music from both Canada and the world.



Tenebris is a Toronto-based electronic artist, heavily inspired by techno, tribal, and tech house rhythms. Coming from a very musical upbringing, he was exposed to a variety of genres early on, which translate into his production. When not creating and working on music, you can find him spending time with his fiance, Maine Coon, or traveling abroad.


Sonja is an founding member of Biblioteka Records. Focusing on experimental music and found sounds, she records and produces her own brand of lo-fi, soundscape-inspired, instrumental electronic music, DJs at various events and venues around downtown Toronto, and ensures the smooth operation of the label.

Sonja’s current focus is on analog music production and modular synthesizers.