Meet The Artist: Taja Nicholle

Meet The Artist: Taja Nicholle

On Meet The Artist, we want you to get to know the musicians on our label a bit better, so we ask them five questions-- some about music, some not, and get them to tell us a little more about themselves, their tunes, and what goes on inside those creative brains. This time, we’re talking to Taja Nicholle.

What drove you to music?

I’ve always been a creative- and I think my dad passing away at a young age had a lot to do with that. I used art as a coping mechanism with that from poetry to painting. I grew up in a very musical household, as my father was a musician himself. When I got a little older (early college)  I started taking music a little more seriously as I recorded some wack demos that are locked in someone’s vault that I hope never see the light of day. Not long after, I was in a band that was short lived due to creative differences. I put the pen and paper down for a little while due to life taking crazy, unexpected turns and lowkey gave up on music. When I moved to Nashville, I picked the pen and paper up again. I started taking it even more seriously as it’s considered ‘Music City’ and there was no excuse for me not to. I began writing again and recording, putting more music out which ended up having a great reception- and now I’m here.

What’s the overarching theme of your music?

Love, sex, depression, and finding oneself to be quite frank. To keep it real that’s been pretty much the theme of my life. I always wanted my music to lowkey strike a nerve, and make people actually feel. I want my music to take people through portals.


How do you prepare to start making or working on music? Do you wait for inspiration to hit or do you tinker around until something strikes your fancy?

Whatever I may be currently going through, I write about it. Whatever may still be haunting me, I write about it.

What’s your favourite flower, and why?

My favorite flowers are roses, and I try to incorporate that in my art. Roses symbolic of so many things- love, passion, timelessness, and honor. Roses are beautiful, both dead and alive.

What’s a long-term goal for you with music?

I want to tour the world, spread my music all over, and all that awesome stuff- but I hope to open people’s minds and hearts.

Follow Taja Nicholle on Soundcloud here.

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