Meet The Artist: Dame Cook

Meet The Artist: Dame Cook

On Meet The Artist, we want you to get to know the players on our label a bit better, so we ask them five questions-- some about music, some not, and get them to tell us a little more about themselves, their tunes, and what goes on inside those creative brains. This time, we’re talking to Dame Cook.

Dame Cook is an electronic producer working mainly with ambient and electroacoustic music. her 2018 EP “Music for Snow Days” was listed on Bandcamp’s Best Ambient Music of March 2018 article. she’s also a member of free improv band American Standard Trio.

What’s the overarching theme of your music? Or, in particular, the theme of this upcoming/current/latest release?

Sonic painting is the way I would look at the music, channeling emotions in a way where i’m layering different sounds as if they were colours and creating a whole piece at once instead of approaching it like creating a bunch of pieces that bridge together to create a song.

If you had to assign a colour to your latest release, based on how it “feels,” what colour would that be and why?

Green. There's a very organic sound to everything, which reminds me of the Earth.

How do you prepare to start making or working on music? Do you wait for inspiration to hit or do you tinker around until something strikes your fancy?

I sort of just get the desire to make music and then I just let it happen. A lot of it feels subconscious or second nature in hindsight, like i’m more being guided by what i’m making than trying to guide it myself.

How does making music make you feel?

Like that scene in Land of the Lost where they touch that crystal and sing a Cher song together.

What’s next for Dame Cook?

Working on new music with American Standard Trio and some collaborators, playing some solo and band shows in the future, more so focusing on performing at the moment than trying to release a ton of music.

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